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Contextualising the power shifts of the Ramesside Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties' queens: a comparison with the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Dynasties
Paulína Šútorová, M.A.

Many scholars argue that the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties’s queens declined in political power because they do not appear as prominently on monuments as their predecessors from the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Dynasties. Yet, the research indicates that the Ramesside queens remained rather powerful, but their roles were amended due to the course of political, socio-cultural, economic, and religious circumstances. Such changes were subsequently expressed in the iconography and titularies of the specific queens. Therefore, rather than calling this phenomenon a decline of their power, it could be referred to as a power shift. This study aspires to contribute to the general understanding of the queenship development as such and to enrich our knowledge of the so far little studied – with few exception, of course – lives of the Ramesside queens.


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